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Bridle Tree Barn Raising Challenge


Join us for the month of December for model horse barn customizing! 

Instead of set categories this year, you will be setting your own personal goal for a project to complete during the month of December that is barn/arena/prop related for your model horse world.

For example, my goal this year is to simply create a hummingbird feeder prop for my barn. If I have time, I’d like to start my new barn cupola kit - but I am setting a reasonable and attainable goal for myself this year. Be honest with yourself about what you can complete in a month!

Examples of projects: paint your barn, decorate your barn for the holidays, create an indoor arena wall, create a prop for your barn, make an attached wash stall for your barn, finish where you left off last year, install a window, etc.

Dream big or small! There really are no rules on what you can choose to work on this year. As always, all scales and all materials are allowed. We love to see repurposing of materials!

Instead of choosing a “winner” from set categories this year, several of you will be awarded special prizes for your participation. Individuals will be awarded for inspiring others, contributing ideas or tips with the community, creativity, etc. - not necessarily skill or scale of your project. The real prize is your own completed project!

Challenge: Set your own personal barn project goal to complete during the month of December 

-Take a before photo of our barn (if applicable)

- Post your progress and what you learn along the way with our Facebook group (not required, but heavily encouraged to engage with the group) 

- Post or send in “after” photos of your project - bonus points for creative photography to showcase your barn project! 

Entry registration due by Dec 1 (any time within your time zone)

Event ends Dec 31 (any time within your time zone)

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